About Us

The ability to tell a story is at the heart of what we do. A story that profiles people with unique perspectives. A story that provides compelling facts and interesting dialogue. Carefully-crafted, it makes people pause – then motivates them to act. At Campbell & Company, we develop storylines to show women, multicultural audiences and underserved communities how changing behavior – even in small ways – can have a big impact.

In making our messages relevant, we go beyond demographics to focus on culture, social behavior, value systems and lifestyles. While we use research to customize approaches for our clients’ individual needs, we couple this with real-world experience and innovative thinking. Clients have called our award-winning work smart, creative and effective. Just ask them. Our results speak to our dedication, passion and commitment to advancing issues that improve lives.

Hey, we are a group of people who care – a lot – about the clients with whom we work, the issues we help advance, and the people with whom we do it. Welcome.